Monday, April 21, 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014

View From The Handlebars! (Frozen Dead Guy Days Cameo)

Oh, the wonders of technology!  We've got a little clip to share from our collection during Frozen Dead Guy Days:


The GoPro will be joining us for more runs of the route over the coming months, so look out for upcoming footage of Ned in all its glory.

Happy Composting!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thank you, LUSH, for your amazing volunteer workers!

Did you know that LUSH Cosmetics:

  1. Has preservative-free, cruelty-free, natural & minimally packaged beauty supplies..?
  2. Donates $ to grassroots organizations via Charity Pot..?
  3. AND incentivises their employees to help local grassroots organizations..!?

    What an inspiring business model!!

    We made serious progress "beautifying" our space!

    As you can imagine, we composters aren't known for our this gift was especially appreciated!

    Check out the Lush website for ethical and delicious beauty supplies!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nederland is COLD, but we can still COMPOST! (7° F Outside & 130° in Bertha's Belly!)


Our composting tub, "Bertha," is cooking at 130 degrees, even though it's only 7 degrees outside! (See all the steam coming out?)

Dedicated volunteers turn and mix the tubs daily- even in the freezing winter weather! We won't have to do this in the snow for much longer- we'll be moving to our new INDOOR site!  Hooray!

Thanks for all your support!

-NC Board

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Greens Grow Year-Round Using Our Soil Amendment:

It is possible to grow veggies year-round in the freezing mountains of Colorado!

One of our rock star customers has filled her small greenhouse with raised beds to grow heirloom varieties of brassicas (cabbage, mustard, etc) and alliums (onion, etc) genus- which can tolerate the cold winter nights.

Send us an email if you have grown something awesome using NedCompost!

Dear Residents of Nederland:

Dear Neighbors,

You may have heard that we, NedCompost, hope to move to the old Biofuels site at 11 Forest Rd- behind the Community Center. This new location will help our non-profit function more smoothly (we will be protected from the windy wintry weather) and provide a space from where we can inform, involve, and educate our community about composting, zero waste, and our progress toward sustainability goals set out during Envision 2020, The Citizens for Sustainability Resolution 2011-12, Resolution 2012-11 (adopting Boulder County’s Zero Waste policy), and the Sustainability Action Plan.

Some folks expressed that they were nervous about the possibility of pests and smell. Thankfully, we are confident that pests and odors will not be an issue at our new site, given our working history with our present location (which is zoned high density commercial), having received no reports of odor problems or bear sightings for the past year and a half (since our change in administration). The use of charcoal filters has been discussed to mitigate any potential scent issues that could arise. As stewards of the environment, we understand the need to keep our site free of trash and debris. We will discourage unsolicited dumping at or near our site; if any such dumping occurs, we will explore all options in identifying the culprits and dealing with the issue. We are profoundly committed to co-creating a cleaner world for Nederland's future generations!

Nederland’s ability to be increasingly sustainable and resilient undoubtedly relies upon proper management of our community’s waste; and now we are transforming some of it into fertile life-giving soil amendment! We have agreed to pay for all electrical needs on the site, and our lease will be up for a review each year. We are excited to continue our community composting effort, and we are open to any feedback or ideas regarding our possible move!

Sincerely, NedCompost Board

Thursday, December 5, 2013

NedCompost News:

We are pleased to announce that NedCompost may be taking over the Biofuels building behind the Nederland Commmunity Center!  A final decision will be reached at the Town's next Board meeting

Here are some advantages of having this space:

1. We'll have a warm space for volunteers to hang out and meet
2. No pest access and less tampering by non-customers
3. This space is large enough to accommodate for a couple more earth tubs if we decide to increase our business
4. This space will keep our soil dry, so we can sell it year-round
5. We can host educational events and workshops
6. We will be able to catch all of the leachate from the tubs, so none will seep in to the groundwater


1. We need to install fans in the building for ventilation
2. The town will help us move the earth tubs

We'd love to hear your thoughts! Shoot us an email, or attend the Nederland Town meeting on Jan 21st!